Importance on Treaty Education

After learning more about the importance about Treaty Education in the last couple of weeks I have a greater perspective on it. Going to school in Alberta I was taught about the Fur Trade and Residential schools a little bit, but after talking to some peers it seems I was taught more then some of them. I feel the most important aspect about Treaty Education is that it gives students a greater understanding about Frist Nations people. It’s all about understanding the people around you and being excepting about their background. There is also a judgement towards First Nations because of the after affects of residential schools. That is why residential schools need to be taught to everyone even if there are little to no Frist Nations students in your classroom. Even if there are no First Nations students in their class now, there will probably be in the future.

When I think of the statement “we are all treaty people”, I don’t really understand. All I know is that when I become a teacher it is going to be my responsibility to teach my students the correct information about Treaty Education. I want my students to have an understanding and unbiased view on Treaty Education when they leave my classroom.


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