Me, Myself, and I


Were do I begin. My name is Olivia Jensen and I am in the Secondary program in Education, majoring in Math and minoring in Physical Education and Outdoor Education. I was born and bred in Calgary AB. I spent a lot of my time playing soccer, swimming, camping in the mountains, playing with my dogs, and hiking. I moved to Regina for school and I’m happy to call this place home. I love that I finally got to see a Saskatchewan Roughrider game in person. I was also lucky enough to go to the Grey Cup in 2013!

I don’t have a lot of experience in the classroom. So that means I don’t have a lot of experience with educational technology. I have shown videos to students but that is pretty much it.

I think blogging is going to be a great and another creative way to get my thoughts out. I haven’t blogged a lot in the past but this class is going to get me out of my shell. Letting the internet know my thoughts is kind of a scary thing but I’m ready for this adventure.

Here is my twitter!


One thought on “Me, Myself, and I

  1. Hey Olivia,

    I’m super excited to be one of your ‘mentors’ this semester! It looks like your pretty open to blogging (which is definitely important to most education classes). This class with definitely get you out of your shell in terms of blogging (I never thought I would post videos on youtube but I posted a ton with my learning project). I’m really excited to get be know you a little better this semester (I’ve looked at your learning project a little bit and I have to say I’m very excited it involves your dog)! I had a couple suggestions when it comes to your blog. I would suggest maybe adding your own picture to your header, adding a picture of yourself on your about page, in your about statement you might also want to add what year of university your in, and lastly, you might want to add your twitter feed to your blog (I’m not sure if you’ve learned this yet and if not you will)! Again I’m excited to be on of your ‘mentors’ this semester and I can’t wait to read more of your blogs!



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