Teaching my Dog New Tricks

This is my puppy Ryder, he is a 10 month old Border Collie/Shepard mix. We rescued him from Bright Eyes Dog Rescue when he was 8 weeks old. He is a great dog! When we first got him he slept through the night and already knew how to sit.


Some of his favorite things are long walks, camping, treats, his fur-aunties, and ALL of his toys.

He is a very smart dog, so some of the tricks that he already knows are sit, shake both paws, lie down, stay, and we are working on roll over. When he does a trick I always give him a treat. He is very food oriented.

When Katia was talking about the learning project in the first class she jokingly said to teach your spider monkey to dance. That got me thinking right away that I would love to teach Ryder how to dance (or some cool new tricks!) So that is my goal for the learning project is to look at videos online and read articles/personal experiences on how to train dogs certain tricks.

Some of the tricks that I want to teach Ryder are (in no particular order):

  • Kiss
  • Sit pretty
  • Spin
  • Dance
  • Fetch (there is no retriever in him what so ever!)

Hopefully in the next few months I will be able to teach him all of these tricks. We are going to practice everyday or every two days. I am going to teach him one trick at a time. So once he masters one trick we will move on to the next. If he masters all of these tricks before the semester is over I will add more tricks for him to learn (tbd.)




5 thoughts on “Teaching my Dog New Tricks

  1. Olivia, I am extremely excited to follow your progress through this learning project! I am a big fan of anything animal related and your idea to teach Ryder new tricks is great. My dog knows how to sit, roll over, and shake a paw, but usually she just goes straight to the roll over trick because she thinks that will get her the most attention (she could careless about the treats). Thanks for sharing the adorable pictures of him!


  2. Olivia! This is so cool! I am so excited to follow your learning project journey. I have a golden retriever-X-yellow lab and I am looking forward to reading any tips or tricks that you acquire while working to train your sweet pup.


  3. Hey Olivia,

    I’m so excited to see your progress on your learning project! I like how you planned out the tricks you want to teach your dog and I liked the plan you laid out for the semester! One thing I would suggest is to create a separate tab for your learning project category.



  4. OMG, he is sooo cute I love it. I was dog sitting for my brother for two weeks and lucky them I taught their dog how to play fetch – with obviously a handful of treats in my pocket. Dogs are amazing and catch on sometimes super quick. I hope everything went great, and now your dog is an amazing trickster! I also think this would almost be therapeutic, good choice!


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