Testing my Patience


I don’t know why I thought teaching a dog, that doesn’t know how to fetch, how to fetch in the dead of winter. It seems like a task only a fool would do (haha!)

Last week Ryder and I went out to a park by my house (cause my car wouldn’t start!) I tried to use the trick of using two toys instead of one. It seemed to be working for a little bit. I would throw one ball for Ryder, then when he came back closer to me I would throw the other one. Most of the

20180201_105553.jpgtime he would drop the first one and go after the second one. This seemed to work for a few minutes, but one thing you should know about Ryder is that he loves to eat rabbit poop. In this field we were playing in there were a lot of distractions (rabbit poop). So the fetching lasted five minutes.



2 thoughts on “Testing my Patience

  1. This post just made my day😂. I admire your commitment to this project when it is so cold out! I would be very tempted to stay inside and hide from the weather because I am a wimp haha. Where did you get the idea of bringing two toys to teach Ryder fetch? Did you use a resource or was it just something you knew would work?


  2. Hey Oliva,
    This is fantastic and I can totally relate to the distracted dogs (although mine usually eats grass and not rabbit poop haha). Hopefully, with more practice, Ryder will become more focused and engaged with the actual fetching part!


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