Choosing Articles

In my EDTC 300 class we were introduced to Feedly, which is a place where you can find articles and journals on subjects that you want.

I was very interested in choosing articles that were relevant to me now and in the future. Since technology is always going to be part of my life, and I will someday be teaching with it I was looking for articles that had something to do with Educational Technology. Since I am also (hopefully) going to be a Math/Physical Education/Outdoor Education teacher I was also looking for articles that had to do with those subjects as well.

When looking for the articles, I just searched on the search engine what subject I wanted. That made it easy to find articles pertaining to the subject. That is what I really like a Feedly, is that is easy to find articles that you are interested in. I have found a few pages connected to Math, Outdoor Education, and Education Technology that I think will help me in grow and learn as a future teacher.

Here is my page:

2018-02-12 (2).png


One thought on “Choosing Articles

  1. When I first got feedly for this class, I only followed the things it suggested to me. Needless to say I had to later go through and unfollow and follow blogs that are actually of interest to me and provide resources that I can share with the class. I’m not following anything to do with my major and minor though, like I see that you are, so I think I’ll do that! Thanks for the idea!!


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