Finally Fetching! (Inside Anyways)

So it’s been awhile since I have updated on how my learning project is going. Since I live in Saskatchewan and it’s winter, it’s been freezing outside and not warming up. So it has been a challenge to go outside and practice Ryder’s fetching skills.


I finally had to bright idea to just practice inside! (What a shock haha!) I was using the tips from the Cesar and I also watched a great video (with the cutest puppy) that had great tips as well. There was also a tip on my last learning project blog post that really helped as well.

It took some trial and error but I think we have mostly mastered fetching inside. He still doesn’t know how to drop it when I say but when I grab it when it’s in his mouth he let’s me have it, most of the time! I feel like we have made a lot of progress and for now that is where I am going to leave fetching. I’m going to come back to it when it is a lot warmer outside and where he won’t lose his ball in the snow.


4 thoughts on “Finally Fetching! (Inside Anyways)

  1. Hey Olivia,

    Hopefully it warms up soon and you’re able to get outside to practice your fetching skills! Sounds like being inside worked a little bit though! Do you think your have to start over when you start outside or do you think Ryder will remember some of the skills he has learned when you start practicing again? Check out this website as well as it has lots of tips and information!
    I can’t wait to see the progress once your able to get outside!



  2. It is much too cold to be going outside to practice fetching. Hope because it is getting warmer that the practicing will become easier to do soon. Trial and error is key in learning anything. I think its a great opportunity to see where improvement and time spent is needed. You are aware of your strengths with you fuzzy friend and can now focus on what needs more attention. good luck continuing!


  3. Olivia, this is such a fun learning project! I love it! Great bonding time! Nice work on use of resources when the weather has not been cooperating. I am excited to follow your journey! 🙂


  4. I take it you have not attempted fetching outside in this week of #snowmageddon2018? Haha its awesome to see that you got Ryder to the point of almost fetching! (Farther than I ever got lol)

    Just an idea, maybe if you had a heavier toy to throw, when he brings it back it might be an incentive for him to drop the toy! I am not sure if this will work or not, but if you find a heavier toy it might be worth a try haha.

    I look forward to seeing your progress 🙂


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