An Open Internet

So, I’m catching up on blogs. It’s easy for them to kind of get away from you when you have other stuff going on in your life. A few weeks ago in EDTC 300 we were talking about how the internet has changed the world in a sense. We were asked to watch a video by Micheal Wesch where he discussed how quickly one of the first viral video trends traveled around the globe.

The video gave great perspective on how fast things can travel because of the internet. We have the world at our finger tips now and it is so easy to learn information that is happening all over the world. We can also keep in touch with people who we don’t see on an everyday basis because of social media accounts, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. That means it is so easy for students to get information online, being true or false.

As a future educator I want my students to use the internet with an open mind. There needs to be a self awareness that everything you see on the internet is not true and can be hurtful. They also need to understand that when they put something on the internet about themselves or other people that they just can’t erase it. Once it’s on the internet it’s on there for good. So giving them the information to be mindful of what they see and what they do is very important.

I don’t want students to be afraid of the internet. The internet is a great place that has given teachers great resources to help students with physical and learning disabilities be in the classroom with all of their peers. It is also a great place to learn new things and stay connected to people all around the world. It is also a great place for everybody to share their ideas in creative ways like video making, blogs, pictures, etc.


One thought on “An Open Internet

  1. Hey Olivia,
    The internet is definitely a place where anyone can find information fast whether or not it is true or false like you said. I like that you mentioned that you don’t want your students to be afraid of the internet. It’s definitely important that you help your students to be safe, be cautious, and be critical of the information they are reading. Great post! Keep up the good work!


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