Citizenship, In a Digital World

I have been using the internet for more than a decade. My first social media profile I made in 2006/2007. It was site called Nexopia which was really popular in my school and all of my friends had a profile. It’s so weird that I felt like that I had one to stay in touch with my fiends when I saw them EVERYDAY at school. It’s nuts.

Today I have a few social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter). I don’t share a lot on my social media accounts. I share the odd picture but I don’t share my world, political, religious views or what is happening in my day to day life. That is why twitter is really hard for me to get into because it is something that needs you to share who you are to use it. As far as a blog goes, it is also something that I have been getting used to sharing my thoughts and ideas to the world. It is a great place to express myself, but sometimes I have troubles getting myself to do so.

When teaching students about building their own digital citizenship I want to make sure that they feel comfortable about what their sharing and how much their sharing. Sometimes I think that some people over share, to each their own, but for me I just don’t feel comfortable sharing too much about myself.



2 thoughts on “Citizenship, In a Digital World

  1. Hey Olivia! Thanks for your thoughts here! I too remember the days of Nexopia haha Isn’t it crazy that you used to have to basically enter your own code?! It’s interesting that you think under sharing is better than oversharing. Do you think that these places aren’t a place for opinions like politics/religion/worldviews/day to day life at all? If not, just wondering why. I think that sometimes the way and tone in which people share has a lot to do with how it comes across. How/what do you think you would teach your students to share on these types of platforms? Thoughts? 🙂


  2. Hey Olivia,
    I also had a hard time getting used to using Twitter and actually sharing my thoughts. I like what you said about making sure your students are comfortable with what they are sharing as well. I think if your students are comfortable sharing things online it might make them more excited to actually post things! It’s interesting you don’t share your world, political, religious views. I think that it can be a hard thing to do when first starting out sharing on social media if you’re not used to it. Like Sarah, I’m curious if you think there is a place that it is okay to share these views? Do you think as you get more comfortable sharing on twitter sharing these thoughts will be something you start doing? I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts!


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