He’s Sitting Prettier Than Me!

Ryder and I have moved on from fetching because I know, and he knows, that he is no retriever! (outside at least) For him to be fetching inside is a great accomplishment so I’m saying he passed in my books!


We are now working on sitting pretty. When we adopted Ryder at 8/9 weeks old he already knew how to sit. He learnt from his foster brother early on. From then on it has been pretty easy to teach Ryder tricks. (with treats of course) So far Ryder knows how to sit, shake with both paws, lie down, and roll over (when he feels like it). He also knows how to stay. (HE’S SO SMART, but I am biased)

From watching videos online and reading about how to teach your dogs how to sit pretty, some dogs need to build up their strength. So bigger dogs may not be able to sit pretty because of balance. Ryder is a medium sized dog around 50 lbs so I figured that sitting pretty would be perfect for him to learn.

I read on one website that to help build their strength/balance it is okay to have your arm out for them to balance on. That’s what I started with Ryder. He balances pretty good without my arm but when he first tries to get up he defiantly needs some help keeping his balance. We have been practicing so much that now when I put my arm out to support him he knows to put his paws on my arm and sit pretty. Next we are going to work on not using my arm for balance and for him to sit pretty when I say.



2 thoughts on “He’s Sitting Prettier Than Me!

  1. Hey Olivia,
    This is incredible and Ryder is absolutely adorable. It seems like you’re doing a great to teach him new tricks and that he is picking them up really well! Keep up the good work! One suggestion I have about your blog is to create a sub-category for your learning project. Awesome job so far!

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