A Great Visit

In my EDTC 300 class we had the opportunity/honor to hear from Carol Todd. For those of you who don’t know, Carol Todd lost her daughter to suicide after she was bullied and blackmailed online. Carol Todd showed such courage and grace while talking to us I was inspired by everything she said.

Because of what Amanda Todd, and the TED Talk presenter Monica Lewinsky, went through I have learnt that the internet can be scary place. But just because the unspeakable happened to them that doesn’t mean we should be afraid or teach our students to be afraid.

Why is it when students are getting bullied online we tell the victim to give up social media? Why should the victim be punished? Teaching our students to have a self awareness about using technology is the best thing we can do. Kids make mistakes just like everybody else, but the difference is that their mistakes can be blasted all over the internet. Just being a guide and a listener to students who are having issues online is the best thing you can do for them.


3 thoughts on “A Great Visit

  1. Hey Olivia, honestly I am the exact same way when something happens online, I want to delete everything and hide in a very sheltered life! However, I think teaching students about technology and being aware of their online presence is important because times are definitely changing. One thing from Carol Todd that I will never forget, is that when the young kid was “hate” messaging her – rather than getting mad or blocking them (which is something I would have done!), she asked him what his story was. This was soo moving, it was incredible.


  2. Hey Olivia,
    I really like what you said about not being afraid to teach your students about it. It’s so important for us to teach our students about difficult situations like this. One thing going forward I would suggest would be to hyperlink your articles into your post and to also find some of your own articles to support your post!


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