Not Again

In my EDTC 300 class we were given the task to code. This brings back bad memories because I took CS 100 and I still have no idea what happened in that class. I got through it and forgot everything about coding.

I went an tried Scratch for the first time. Since this website is supposed to be used by children so I thought that his site would be easy to navigate. I’m not going to lie, I felt stupid when using this site. For me I did not understand how to use it, even after watching the explanation video.

I think it’s important for students to code, like I think it’s important for students to try new things. If students are interested in coding I’m not going to stop them, I just don’t understand coding. Maybe if I have a student in the future who knows how to code they can teach me!


One thought on “Not Again

  1. Hey Oliva,
    When I tried coding it was definitely kind of daunting for me. I managed to get through it and it wasn’t all that bad. Hour of Code is a good one to check out and it even has activities for younger children to learn, I’d definitely suggest checking it out!


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