Final Assignment My "Script" During this whole semester I have been questioning what makes someone an eco-literate person. Is it that they recycle? Is it that they compost? Sure, it can be those things but I think being an eco-literate person isn’t just doing. It’s an awareness and a ‘why’ of the choices a person makes. … Continue reading Final Assignment


Creative Journal #4: Making a Change

Growing up near the mountains I used to/still go camping. It made me appreciate nature, it helped me escape from my life even if it was just for a weekend. The picture that I drew is the nature that I thought I knew. When I used to think about nature I used to think of … Continue reading Creative Journal #4: Making a Change

Dear G

Dear G, I am writing this letter to you because I am inspired by you. You may not know this but I look up to you and not because of your profession or your relationships but because of your eco-literacy. The funny thing is, is that you probably don’t know that how eco-literate you are. … Continue reading Dear G